Wool Fibre

White merino offers a significant advantage for color reproduction but merino’s attributes are numerous:
Resistant: Enciel merino fibre is made up of 90% keratin, a very resilient protein which is naturally flame retardant and able to withstand the rigours of everyday life.
Fine: Enciel merino fibres are between one-tenth and one-third the thickness of a human hair. This very fine micron makes Enciel extremely soft and comfortable.
Protective: Each Enciel merino fibre has a waxy coating of cuticle cells, which help repel water as a liquid but let water move through in a vapour state, which is then evaporated away from the fabric.
SUPER SOFT: For years it was thought that the prickly feeling that old-style wool caused was an allergic reaction. Prickle actually results from irritation of our nerve endings by fibers protruding from the yarn and fabric surface. Prickle factor occurs when the micron range is above 30m. All Enciel merino fibers are far below this micron range, which is why Enciel Merino is soft and luxuriant but still very resilient.


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