Enciel in Living Colour

Our Commitment

In return for using this natural renewable source, we want to give some love back to our environment. We regularly visit our growers around the world and pay close attention to breeding lines, using ethically grown merino from cooperative farmers in New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, South America and South Africa We care about animal welfare […]

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Stays White in the Wash

Wash Fastness This is white that doesn’t get all washed out. After 20 domestic launderings Enciel still maintains a pure level of white. Color fastness to dry cleaning is 4-5, this has exceeded our expectations of a 4, which is the industry standard. Color fastness to actual laundering is also 4-5, and here the industry […]

White Sparkle

Whiter than White

Enciel Merino has a CIE¹ Whiteness value of 161.48. This has exceeded even our original expectations of reaching 155. This means our white wool is even whiter than optical white cotton. The industry norm is 131, we have gone 30 beyond that to achieve the whitest merino fabric the world has ever seen.

Colourful Tees

On Trend

So it’s in this year and out the next, it doesn’t matter. Enciel Merino’s patented technology means merino wool can finally keep up with the latest trends, giving garment designers the freedom to pick the purest whites, the most intense super brights. Don’t follow the flock, make an impression with merino.  

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Enciel Merino

The advent of Enciel is great news for both the recreation and fashion industries. Finally, you can achieve pure white technical performance apparel and true color reproduction. Ask any leading brand. Vision is the primary sense of all our experiences. Approximately 80% of what we assimilate is visual, and color in particular, speaks to the […]

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Enciel Merino – Finally Someone Has Got it White

Introducing Enciel Merino. The first merino fabric ever to not only achieves but surpasses the white standard for true color reproduction. For years the wool industry has been trying to develop a truly white merino. Breeding programmes were initiated, fibre care regimes implemented, some even going as far as keeping sheep out of the sun […]

UV Resistant

We have got color fastness to light 3² improving tremendously from a 2. The Woolmark³ standard is a 3 however; most white and pale shades have a light fastness of a 3. We will continue to develop our technology to further the color fastness to light.

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